Business Tours

Potential customers can view everything around them

A virtual view of your business; it creates a feeling that a person is actually standing in one location and can view everything around them.

only £199

Virtual Tours

Navigate through locations with ease using the latest tech.

Once we have all the panoramic videos, we can then link them together using what are known as hot-spots. [...]

from £399

Property Tours

High quality Property Tours providing 24/7 access

Our tours offer an ideal means by which potential buyers can quickly view your property completely, Increase qualified viewings [...]

from £399

Our Services & Prices

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The prices below are only a basic guide, we are always willing to negotiate special deals on larger orders, contracts.

The experience that our virtual tours allow your visitors to have is key to us. By using different navigation options, we can offer innovative ways to tour the location. Navigation and mouse zooms, navigational buttons, drop-down menus, tour map with embedded hotspots or even thumbnails of the other available views etc. we offer your visitors a unique and rich experience they wont forget.

Panorama Company
only £199.00

Business Tour = Single Location

Include a single 360x180 panorama, a customised navigation theme, which is supplied in Flash and html5.

Each panorama is made up of many high resolution images, which are then stitched together using the latest software, it is then rendered into multiple formats for delivery. See Sample

We offer many add-on "INTERACTIONS" for free, see below for what is on offer.

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Virtual Tour Company
only £399.00

Virtual Tour = 3 Locations

Includes a 360x180 virtual tour, which is made up of 3 locations linked together, and a customised navigation theme, rendered in flash and html5.

Each Panorama is made up of many high resolution images, which are then stitched together using the latest software, we then link the panoramas together and add any additional content; it is then rendered into multiple formats for delivery. See Sample

Sometimes more panoramas are required to cover a large area, we charge £99.00 for each additional panorama in your virtual tour.

We offer many FREE add-on "INTERACTIONS" as standard, see below for what is on offer.

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Panorama & Tour Interactions...

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Our Tours include many "INTERACTIONS" as standard.

> Easy interactions using hotspots


Hotspots are areas that allow us to create interactions in a virtual tour. With hotspots, it's possible to create links between shots, display a photo, open an external website, display contextual information and animations and more.
Hotspots are especially useful in customising your virtual tours. There are several types of hotspots (polygonal, rectangular, pinpoint) adapted for each type of interaction.

Tour Floor Plans

> Floor Plan navigation with radar

view example in modal or new window
Floor plans or property maps are a great way of enhancing your virtual tour interface, within each 'plan'.

We will embed multiple hotspots; and a radar display showing the users orientation within each area, this helps your client fully visualise a location - and understand the layout far better than using static photographs alone.

Tour Maps

> Maps with radar **

view example in modal or new window
Embedded map views are generated using the locations geographical-coordinates and enable your visitors to get a better understanding of where your business is located within the local area, and how to get there by foot or vehicle.

These maps are created using OpenStreetMap, and can be embedded using various methods; the most common is as a pop out from one side of the tour.

Tour Images and Photos

> Static Photo's & Images

view example in modal or new window
We can easily integrate photos, images and animations into your virtual tours. Embed them into the content (in a hanging frame on the wall) and have them appear with a 3D effect.

Alternatively, we can also load images when a user clicks on a hotspot - useful for displaying hi-res product images within your tour, or displaying photographs of areas too small to generate a tour.


> Transition effects

We can further customize your tours using transition effects. For each room we set a default view and the hotspot landing view. Access to the room will be done with an effect going from the hotspot landing view to the default view, this adds a nice effect as the visitor is moving from location to location.

Tour links that Open external websites

> Opening external websites

view example in modal or new window
We can place web links onto a hotspot. With a single click it will open a new web browser tab/window and display the desired website.

This is very useful for redirecting visitors to external content or for directing users to a link on your website; a booking system link, additional information, brochures, pdfs, youtube videos in fact anything you can think of.

Panorama : Realistic Lighting

> Realistic Lighting Effects **

view example in modal or new window
If there are any bright light sources within the panoramic, we will usually add a single dynamic Lens Flare.

Your visitors will then have an effect simulating the reflection of light from a camera lens as they move to the level of this light source, this can be a striking effect if used correctly; we tend to use this on indoor panos with strong lighting, and external panos where the sun is visible.

Panorama : Total Immersion

> Total immersion - Zoom-in effect

view example in modal or new window
"Little planet" introduction zoom-in effect...
Impress your visitors from the very start of the tour by activating the "little planet" effect. It will display your virtual tour as a planet that unfolds in seconds to reach the standard view for navigating the tour. This gives the feeling of a total immersion in the place visited; and pulls your visitors right into the tour!

Splash logo displayed when tour is loading

> Add your Company Logo ™

view example in modal or new window
Your company logo can be displayed to your visitors when playing a tour, the tour will display your logo as an overlay, and will normally stay in view for 5 seconds, unless clicked; this then fades out. This effect works very nicely with the Total Immersion - Zoom-in effect.

We can also add your company logo to a corner of the tour, this may contain a web link.
view example in modal or new window


FREE Customised Themes

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Many graphic control themes, any colour...
For even more simplicity, we offer you a choice of 7 graphic / control themes (which define the layout & style of the navigation buttons / tour interactions). For any theme, you can choose TWO colours which match your branding guidelines; each theme gives you endless possibilities.

Nothing could be easier for giving your virtual tour a style that seemlessly integrates into your website.

You can currently choose between the following 7 control themes: -

Most tour interactions can be added to these control themes, as an example we have added a thumbnail slider and company logo to the classic theme, as shown here.

> Classic Control Theme
The Classic Control theme in various colour combinations, this can be rendered in any two colours.
This is an clean design, and the controls can be placed vertically or horizontally in one of 9 positions around the edge of the screen; Controls can easily be hidden away with a single click.

See sample Classic Control themed tour in action.
[Classic Control] theme


> D-Pad Control Theme
The D-Pad Control theme in aquamarine, this can be rendered in any colour.
This is an elegant design, and opens out in one of corners of the screen; this is our favourite layout.

See sample D-Pad Control themed tour in action.
[D-Pad Control] theme


> Docked Thumbnails & Control Theme
The Docked Thumbnail Control theme in orange and grey, this can be rendered in any colour. This is a beautiful all in one interface, that can be easily hidden away with a single click; to enable users to fully immerse themselves in the moment.

See sample Docked Thumbnails themed tour in action.
[Docked Thumbnails / Control] theme


> Rounded Control Theme
The Rounded Control theme in orange, this can be rendered in any colour. This is a beautifully crafted interface, with a seperate full screen button - this can be easily hidden away with a single click.

See sample Rounded themed tour in action.
[Rounded Control] theme


> Urban Control Theme
The Urban Control theme in orange, this can be rendered in any colour. This has a dirty urban interface, with all the standard controls in one that can be hidden away with a single click.

See sample Urban themed tour in action.
[Urban Control] theme


> Circular Buttons Theme
The Circular Buttons theme in orange, this can be rendered in any colour
[Circular] theme


Paid Tour Extras...

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Our Tours can also include these "EXTRAS" for a minimal fee.

> One Additional Panorama for your Virtual Tour

One Additional Panorama for a Tour
+£99.00 now £59.00

view example in modal or new window
A typical tour consists of 3 panoramas linked together, sometimes more panoramas are required to cover a large area, we charge £99.00 for each extra panorama added to a virtual tour.
This includes the 360 photoshoot, pre-processing, and rendering within your tour. There are no hidden extras with any of our services.

Our Tours can also include these additional "INTERACTIONS" for a minimal fee.

> Embed videos that adapt to the 3D view

Tour with showing video embed - no IOS suport.
+£49.00 now FREE

view example in modal or new window
We create rich and vibrant virtual tours by integrating videos directly into your tours. There are two ways to display a video: either by opening it when clicking on a hotspot, or by embedding it directly into the image of the virtual tour. For example: if a flat screen hangs on the wall of your hotel room. We can draw a hotspot covering the screen and select a video file. The video will launch automatically when the visitor arrives in the room and it will skew in 3D based on the movements made in the room.

Embedded videos can be particularly effective for promotional content, and can be easily replaced with new content when required at no extra cost. We convert the videos into various formats to ensure it works seemlessly on all browsers/devices (flv, mp4, mov, mpv, ogv & webm)

> Add background music / built-in sounds

+£39.00 now FREE

view example in modal or new window
To enhance the tour, we can add an overall background sound that plays automatically, but also built-in sounds that are activated by clicking on a hotspot. Thus, for a tour of a museum, for example, you can have a light background music and the playing of recorded sounds (description of a painting, a guided tour) that the visitors can launch as they wish. We can also embed directional sound that fades in/out depending on what direction the user is looking.

Social Media Extras

Our Tours can also include "Socal Media Integration" for a minimal fee.

Our professional virtual tours allow you to promote them on your facebook page or tweet about them to all your followers on Twitter, and with our social media tour integration users can easily share your content onto their personal feeds; helping engage with more potential clients; and from a trusted source.

We have developed various methods to seamlessly integrate your virtual tours to both your company and your clients social media circles via a few clicks - and direct from your tour.

> Additional Theme Buttons that link to Social Media, Galleries...

+£49.00 now FREE

view example in modal or new window
Buttons embedded into the tour allow users to share 'your' tour directly to 'their' Facebook & Twitter in a few seconds, these buttons can also be used to open an external gallery or maybe an online booking system.


Embed direct into Facebook
view example in new window
Our tours can be embedded directly into your company facebook page, we can provide simple instructions on how this can be achieved once your virtual/property tour is completed.
Embed your virtual tours directly into facebook

Bespoke Theme

> A customised theme to match your exacting guidelines


We can also create a bespoke theme for you that matches your branding and marketing guidelines, or supply the required graphic format and size for your navigation theme - so you can create your own theme.

PLEASE NOTE: We currently offer appoximately 7 themes, that can be matched to your branding free of charge, this is included within the price of our tours.

Custom Project

+£79.00 hr

We charge by the hour for our custom project work, this normally includes some post deployment work, and online authoring.

All Payments to be made to 'PANORAMUS' only.

** denotes feature is not supported on IOS device currently, includes [1] lighting effects and [2] Maps embeds only, all other interactions are available on all supported devices.


Simple Integration into your website

Once we have completed the work of photographing, editing, stitching & rendering your panoramas, we create a single folder for each tour that contains all the code for each of the formats (flash, html5), these are also rendered in varying image sizes/formats for different devices. Meaning you can simply copy the folder onto your website and link to it directly or by an IFRAME using the 'index.html' page contained in root of folder we provide. If a visitor loads this page, our detection scripts work out which format should be displayed. Tours look amazing on the ipad, although there are some restrictions on tour extras.

Our Videos & Tours can also be embedded into presentations for use at conferences, business meetings - giving your next presentation the wow factor.

We normally supply the finished virtual tour online via our secure cloud storage, but will provide a DVD with all your virtual tours and panoramas free of charge - just ask.

We will be glad to help you with any technical questions free of charge, whether it be about deployment, embedding or any other aspect of our work, you can guarantee we wont be leaving you in a spin without support; we pride ourselves on first rate customer support; and build strong relationships with our customers.

Massive Imagery

Each panorama we render is approx 12,000 pixels x 6,000 pixels in height. This equates to an image that is 3 meters x 1.5 meters, meaning they can used in marketing materials, from banners to pop up stands, in fact anywhere you need large high quality imagery - they can also be used at a smaller size within your brochures and digital marketing.

All of photography is shot in HDR for the maximum quality image possible...

Arrowsmith Panoramas

Our work?

Creating stunning Panoramic Videos & Tours We provide the full suite of photography, digital editing and software services, and have both the photographic & technical skills required to take your Panoramic from concept to stunning online presence.


More Examples...

Full-screen flash & html5 tour samples Below are several links to full screen panoramas / virtual tours that demonstrate the quality of our work.

Virtual Tours (360° x 180°)
PTP 2.0
PTP 1.8
Single Panoramas (360° x 180°)
PTP 1.8

These Panoramas were rendered using the latest technology.

All our tours are viewable on PC, smartphone, tablet and android devices - flash and IOS supported.

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